Why I Choose Network Marketing


Why I Choose Network Marketing


Hello there,

This blog is my personal journey.

On this page, I will briefly tell you about myself, my goals and the purpose of this blog.

Why do I like blogging so much? The thing is, blogging is one of the best ways to express yourself, help other people.

If you are looking for an inspirational blog with specific tips, you ‘ve come to the right place. This is where we can share our success stories, in addition to helping each other through difficult times!

My name is Saandesh Kumar Shetty and I am the founder of Trillionaire Mindz.I currently work with young leaders and entrepreneurs, educating and helping them, create the life and business of their dreams and make a positive difference. I have always dreamed of working from my laptop, travelling and meeting new people as I progress in my career. All of this has come true!



My professional experience began in 2006. And now here I am, working in the field of Direct Selling, marketing and it’s been over 13 years!

Why I refuse to work for others

At the beginning of my career, I decided to work for others. But later I decided to start my own Network marketing Company. If you are wondering what Network marketing is, then this is for you. 50 years ago, network marketing was associated with people who were desperate about making money and the industry did get a bad name. Today people are now realizing that it is not only a viable business model, but it is being recommended by the Top business leaders all around the world. These include Donald Trump, Richard Branson, Robert Kiyosaki, Darren Hardy, Jim Rohn, Stephen Covey and T Harv Eker. So, looking into this and my past experiences,then I thought that working for others,is not for me, then I came to a conclusion   to start my own Network marketing company, and it would be more interesting rather than working for others. I realized that I want to do something very big to achieve my goals and that’s how I started my own Company. And today I want to make Network marketing business as Future of India.

Now, let me quickly add the choice of self-employment against paid employment, for me, it is not an escape from unemployment. NO.NO.NO. It is a decision I made because that is where my passion was, and I want to spend my life doing it and making a difference. The subject of entrepreneurships has always fascinated me. Being able to step out on my own, push through challenges that would add tremendous value to the lives of those around me and create true wealth in the process.

The Company started growing, and as a result, I began doing what I really love travelling, meeting new people, spending time with my family, sharing my professional experience, educating people about network marketing and developing. My life was full of joys and victories. I have come a long way in the last 13 years. I ‘ve experienced countless failures and successes (more of the latter, which is why I ‘m with you right now).



I started my  journey with no capital, no funding, but still I was able to build massive successes. My inherent desire to drive people to chase their ambitions and conquer their dreams has led me to establish Trillionaire Mindz. I have a purpose for existing and  not just to make money.In a world of growing competition, I believe that direct selling is the future endeavour to leverage the potential of this far sighted vision and succeed together as a team. My envisions is creating young entrepreneurs across the country and the world. 

The future has arrived!

Let’s fly towards adventure and achievement!

You can find me on Twitter, Facebook& Instagram.

I hope that my friends will join me, and that they’ll share their knowledge and experience in comments section below,advertising on social media, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.I believe that you will comment on my Blog


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Saandesh Kumar Shetty

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  1. You have broken all barriers and really great to see you doing this well. Experiences are always an inspiration and self motivation to achieve more.Thanks for sharing the article – it’s like a boost to everyone in India! Your content is really worth reading. And you’re just getting started – keep sharing more. All the very best for your future endeavors!

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