Vietnam is a Southeast Asian country on the South China Sea known for its beautiful beaches, rivers, and Buddhist pagodas. There are several great Vietnam tour packages that you may take in the small nation that has bustling cities like Hanoi – the capital city. With its 3,000 kilometres of tropical coastline, Vietnam offers wonderful food and captivating culture, which hooks the travellers coming here. There is a lot in this country that needs to be explored and discovered from an eye of a tourist. Vietnam has the oldest cultures in Southeast Asia, which dates back to 2000 BC, with a complicated history starting from the native Dong Son culture and straddling thousands of years. This beautiful country has been prejudiced by cultures from Khmer, Chinese, and Indian cultures, you may also find a glimpse of French colonialism.

From foodies to beach hoppers, from art lovers to culture buffs and adventure seekers – Vietnam has everything to offer to everyone. For history, buffs visit Ho Chi Minh, a huge marble mausoleum and pay homage to the national leaders. Ho Chi Minh City, – which was formerly known as Saigon is a French colonial landmark that will take you to French era. To witness the climax of wars and its history visit Vietnamese War history museums and the C? Chi tunnels that were used by Viet Cong soldiers. All this in this amazing country filled with tremendous enthusiasm and traditions intact. There are many tour operators and companies that may design a specified tour for you as per your interest.

Vietnam is a really hidden a gem in the Southeast Asian countries that are blessed with a blend of architectural heritage with around 8 UNESCO world heritage sites like Halong Bay, Phong Nha Ke Bang caves, Hoi An Ancient Street and Cham Islands. These sites are renowned for their extreme beauty and heritage. Check out our selection of the best Vietnam tour packages for a fun filled vacation here.


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