Dear Trillionaire’s,

We are excited to announce you the latest updates about the Company , due to our remarkable growth over the last 2 of years, we are expanding!

In the last few months, we have been tirelessly working to improve our product/service and now you can enjoy your experience with Trillionaire Mindz even more.

Now we would like to share you the Latest updates about Company…!!!

1. Franchisee :If any members wants to collect the product at franchisee need to fill up the full application form and submit it to franchisee only after submitting the application form then only franchisee can give product kit to the members.

2. KYC of all the members needs to be updated in the software once the Login I.d is received.

3. Payout Income will not be credited unless KYC is not updated in the software. So requesting all the members to kindly please upload your KYC details.

4. Please note if any members do not have a PAN CARD then 30% tax will be deducted at your Income.

5. Please note any missing payment will be processed only on Saturday. ( Any other days would not be entertained) .

6. Note Any Leaders taking Kits from the Franchisee they should provide the following details as mentioned below……


Kindly please note without these above mentioned details Franchisee’s are not supposed to give any kits to the Leaders. ( If given and misused then Company will not be responsible for any such activities and franchisee will bare the loss ).

7. Please note the Franchisee’s/ Leaders should immediately Courier back the application form to the company once the kit is handed over to the customer.

8. Please Note any members make an order of Rs 2000 or above will receive free shipping.

For any clarification please do feel free to contact us at our customer service department between 10 am to 7 pm Monday to Saturday.

Will be happy to assist you!!