South Africa


Think South Africa and you will immediately imagine wildlife safaris and perhaps stunning beaches. But the truth is that South Africa is so much more than the safaris and the incredible coastlines – there is a history that is so extensive, a culture that is so diverse, a landscape that is so incredible that putting it all in just a few words, would be next to impossible. This is one country that has something for everyone; whether you are an adventure junkie or a romantic couple on their honeymoon, whether you are family with kids or are all alone in search of your own self, South Africa is sure to have something for you.

You can go white water rafting or swim with the sharks, you can go bungee jumping or parasail over the stunning landscape of the country. You could go on a wine trail or get a massage in the wild with your partner. If you are on a holiday with your family, you could consider a picnic on any one of the several pristine beaches that South Africa boasts of or you could spend an entire day discovering the sights and sounds of Sun City. South Africa is one country, where you will never run out of something interesting to do or see.

If you are thinking of a holiday in South Africa, make sure that you make all your travel plans through someone who is accredited and licensed. Through a reputed travel planner, you can be rest assured that you will have a safe trip with all the arrangements made properly. With Air Organisers you have little to worry about, because we are one of the few travel planners who have a direct tie-up with the South African Tourism Board.

So whether you want to drive an Audi down the spectacular Cape Town-Hermanus coastline or want to enjoy a wine tasting session at the Cape Winelands, Air Organisers can make it all come true!


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