If you haven’t been to Pondicherry, deem yourself not privy to a very interesting part of Indian tourism industry. A city like no other, Pondicherry started wooing travellers from all across the world almost a decade back and has not stopped. Rightly so. A very French setting and architecture makes it the closest you can get to France in India, but this is not all. The city equals France in terms of all things cool; count in the cuisine that is on offer, colourful beach crowd, a fast-growing expat community, and of course the fact that Pondicherry is also home to Auroville. Yes, the Auroville that is an experimental township, first of its kind. If the idea of exploring sustainable living is high on your mind, Auroville is where you must be. Adding more to Pondicherry’s charm is one of the best surfing schools in the world, run by two Spanish brothers. Think of more and we are sure Pondicherry will have that as well. After all, Parisians do not fall in love easily. And if they do, they do it for the right reasons.

As a place that bridges the gap between spirituality and uber-cool, Pondicherry is a place like no other. With attractions like Auroville, Aurobindo Ashram, Ousteri Wetland, Pondicherry Museum and some of the most solitary beaches in the region, it fits the bill perfectly. A tiny town that is best explored on foot or a bicycle, Pondicherry will have you fall for it with its hippie charm and perfect seaside settings. Other than its attractions, Pondicherry is a great place for cultural exchange and spiritual endeavours for it is home to a large number of expats, NGOs and volunteers from all across the world.

Quite a happening place, Pondicherry has a very impressive mix of things to do. While you can go volunteering at any of the NGOs or in Auroville, the lure of surfing, scuba diving, joining yoga classes or honing your culinary skills is too strong to resist. With Pondicherry housing one of the best surfing schools in India, going for a session or two is a must. Add to this list, a cooking course in French and Tamil cuisine at ‘Sita Cultural Centre’ and you will have a gala time in Pondicherry. This is just the tip of the iceberg of all the things to do in Pondicherry!

Shopaholics will love spending an evening or two, strolling in the cobbled lanes of Pondicherry. Its street markets are lined with stalls that sell everything from souvenirs and hippie clothes to homemade incense sticks and Tamil handicrafts. Saram China Market is a popular street market in Pondicherry for A-grade Chinese goods and home décor products. Shoppers also derive joy by shopping at the Ariyankuppam market. Shopping in Pondicherry Sunday market is another experience you should go for.


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