Minds Behind

Trillionaire Mindz was founded in 2018 by Saandesh Kumar Shetty, the visionary, founder and Managing Director of Trillionaire Minds World Venture Pvt Ltd. is a renowned self made entrepreneur of India. With over a decade of experience in network marketing, he has been successful in building multiple mainstream businesses.

He started his  journey with no capital, no funding, yet despite the odds he was still able to build massive successes. His inherent desire to drive people to chase their ambitions and conquer their dreams has led him to establish Trillionaire Mindz. He says he has purpose for existing and he says it’s not just to make money, it’s a need of network marketing to establish a successful business and develop the entrepreneurial skills and leadership abilities in aspiring entrepreneurs across the country and the world.  In a world of growing competition, he believes that direct selling is the future endeavour to leverage the potential of this far sighted vision and succeed together as a team. He envisions creating young entrepreneurs across the country and the world.