Hongkong & Macau


One of the most striking characteristics of Hong Kong is the interweaving of seeming contradictions and the interplay of the exotic and the technically advanced. There are as many skyscrapers herewhich are built with bamboo scaffolding and in accordance with the principles of Feng Shui. The historic trams rumble through Central, while below the ground is one of the most efficient subways in the world, complete with the world’s first ‘contactless’ tickets, cards that can be waved over a scanner without even taking them out of your purse or wallet. The city has some of the best and most sophisticated restaurants in the world, but it also has daipai dong, street side food stalls. It is home to one of the world’s largest shopping malls but lively makeshift street markets are seen everywhere.

The unique mixture of Portuguese and Chinese cultures makes Macau an interesting stay. The city has got a rising reputation as a gambling, shopping mecca and it has its fair share of beaches, fortresses, churches, temples, gardens and museums to explore. A modern metropolis, Shenzhen links Hong Kong to China’s mainland is known for shopping,, contemporary buildings and a number of amusement parks.


World trade centre,
Unit No-801,8th floor,
Dhole Patil farms road, Eon free zone
Kharadi, Pune -411014, India


World Trade Center,
Unit No – 2201A,22nd Floor,
Brigade Gateway, Rajajinagar extension,
Malleshwaram West,Bangalore 560055, India

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